Code and design

What we stand for

We believe that web development is not about building websites and applications.

Creating software is of course important part of the job but not what drives us. A product is only means to an end, an expression of goals and values, a proof of craftsmanship.



We aspire to it in design and in code. We follow best practices to make our projects scalable, available and performant. Just working.



We know that digital world is big and scary. We'll make it more comfortable for you and your customers. We'll make a part of it secure.



We want to help you communicate with your customers. Engage them and amaze them. Create a unique digital experience. Find the right means to your end.


What we're good at

To keep it simple we take online businesses to the next level.

We are a team of experienced programmers, web developers and SEO specialists. We know how to manage projects. We care about UX and end-user contempt.

We deliver scalable, reliable, fast and modern web applications. We automate online marketing. We create responsive and user-friendly websites. We automate marketing. We also know how to promote them.

We increase competitive potential of our clients.


Progressive Web Apps

PWA consist of technologies and standards enabling us to merge mobile internet reach with native applications accessibility and feel.

By implementing PWA, we enhance performance and reliability of your website or application. It can now work offline, synchronize data in the background, send push notifications to the users. It is also home screen installable.

  • Consulting

    We will help you decide if PWA is a good solution for you and your company.

  • Strategy

    We will analyze which elements of the PWA methodology you should implement, we will select appropriate tools and come up with an action plan.

  • Implementation

    We will adapt your website or application to the PWA requirements and deploy selected solutions.

  • Optimization

    We will fix or enhance your PWA implementation.

Web applications

Web applications

We engage in all kinds of ventures from smaller to very complex ones. We advise our clients on technology, design and UX.

We develop full-stack applications, frontend, backend and APIs. We design and code for both cloud-based and traditional infrastructure. We always ensure accessibility, performance, usability and scalability of the project.

  • Analysis

    We will help you to pinpoint your requirements. We will suggest specific technical, functional and UX design solutions.

  • Project

    We will present to you our proposition and you will tell us what you think about it.

  • Development

    We will code, test and prepare for deployment an approved version of the project.

  • Deployment

    We will conduct or prepare the deployment procedure. We will provide you with detailed documentation.

  • Support and maintenance

    If you want to, we will host, maintain and develop the project for you.

Digital marketing

Digital marketing

Comprehensive and goal-oriented digital marketing is key to your company online success.

From detailed audit and strategy conception, by SEO optimization, to website positioning, AdWords, mailing, display or remarketing campaigns we will do whatever it takes to promote your brand or product.

  • Analysis

    We will conduct a detailed SEO audit of your website, we will examine the effectiveness of previous marketing activities, we will analyse your competition.

  • Strategy

    We will present to you our recommendations and prepare an exhaustive action plan.

  • Implementation

    Step by step we will implement your marketing strategy. We will make sure to reach your company’s goals.

  • Optimization

    We will continue to optimize the strategy and to set new, more and more ambitious goals.



A website is the first contact point between you and your customers.

You want it to be fast, well designed, user friendly, mobile optimized, interactive and relevant? You also want it to appear at the top of the search results? That’s exactly how we make our websites.

  • Analysis

    Let’s talk about your needs and requirements. We will present to you a set of solutions suited to your expectations and industry standards.

  • Project

    We will create an interactive project of your website and you will tell us what you think about it.

  • Development

    We will code, test and prepare for deployment an approved version of your website.

  • Deployment

    We will share the project with the world and provide you with hosting, CDN and SSL certificate.

  • Support and optimization

    We will help you updating and enhancing your website, whether it’s a CMS or a standalone project.


What we offer

Digital transformation and enhancement. We create awesome web experiences for our clients.

We will help you define your goals and pinpoint the requirements. We will conduct all necessary analysis and prepare an action plan. We will tailor our offer to your needs and budget. We will translate your ideas to code and convert your problems into a strategy.

We do not fear change at every stage of collaboration we care about client’s opinion and end-users reactions. We constantly optimize your marketing strategy.

Whether you want to build something entirely new or reinforce your online presence, we’re here for you.



We will design, create, develop or rebuild everything you need to exist online.

  • Websites and web portals
  • Corporate and personal websites
  • Landing pages
  • Company blogs
  • Progressive Web Apps


We will help you increase sales and promote your brand. With us you will beat the competition.

  • SEO audits and reports
  • Technical SEO
  • Content optimization
  • Positioning and AdWords
  • Remarketing and display
  • E-mail marketing and lead generation
  • Ad creatives


You have an idea and want to innovate but lack qualified resources? We will make your plan a reality.

  • Dedicated web apps
  • Frontend
  • Backend
  • Progressive Web Apps
  • Recommendation systems for e-commerce
  • Marketing automation solutions
  • Integrations

Tools we use

You probably wonder how we do what we do. There’s more to our success than exceptional set of skills and proactive approach.

We love new technologies, we love the cloud. We use proven tools to satisfy the needs of our clients.



  • HTML 5
    HTML 5
  • Css 3
    CSS 3
  • Bootstrap
  • Material Components
    Material Components
  • Saas
  • JavaScript
  • Type Script
    Type Script
  • Angular


  • Node.js
  • Express
  • Java
  • Spring
  • Srverless
  • Amazon Web Services
    Amazon Web Services
  • Docker
Marketing and analytics

Marketing and analytics

  • Google Analytics
    Google Analytics
  • Google AdWords
    Google AdWords
  • Google DoubleClick
    Google DoubleClick

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